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Untangle Terms of Use

Welcome to Untangle, the online platform allowing people to connect with others who know how it feels to lose a loved one and support each other through times of grief in private support groups, as well to connect with professional support experts where needed. Before you start using Untangle, we have to set out the rules which will govern Untangle’s relationship with you. If you have questions please contact us via our Website or to [email protected]

About Untangle
We are Untangle Grief Limited (company no:13198595, registered office:c/o Dragon Argent Limited, 63 Bermondsey Street, LondonSE1 3XF), trading as Untangle (also ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’).

These Terms
In these terms and conditions (together with the documents referred to in them, such as our privacy policy) (the Terms), we’ll refer to our Website, which refers to all our sites located at or accessible through and our Online Application, which is accessible via our Website on desktop and mobile devices, together as our Platform. References to our Website include our owned sites, but do not include links to third-party sites, such as the sites of our partners.

These Terms govern your relationship with us when you access any part of our Platform, so please make sure to read them carefully before you start accessing the Platform. Once you access any part of our Platform you are taken to have understood and accepted these Terms. These Terms will form a binding agreement between you and us so if you have any questions, please let us know.

When using Untangle, you are a person (a User) looking to connect with other Users in private support groups (Private Support Groups), and/or with professional support experts (Experts). Untangle’s service is to connect User with other Users in Private Support Groups and with Experts as well as providing other services listed on our Platform, acting as an intermediary between Users and Experts (the Service). Please note that Untangle is not party to any contractual agreements between Users of our Service, or between Users and Experts. Untangle is a facilitator of relationships, and does not provide professional support services to Users. Please take note that we will do what we can to connect you with professional support, we are not qualified, insured or purporting to provide it ourselves.

By accessing our Platform, and using any of its features (including without limitation, registering and submitting your story to us, joining Private Support Groups and/or, or accessing Experts), you are explicitly agreeing to be legally bound by all of these Terms.

If you have any questions about the Service or our Terms, please contact us at [email protected]

These Terms are split into two parts – each part forms an equally binding part of these Terms.


What are the Private Support Groups and why are we running them?

Untangle provides peer-to-peer support for those who have been bereaved. We are matching people who have similar experiences of loss and adding them into a small online Private Support Group, which may be open or facilitated by a member of Untangle’s team. Each Private Support Group will last either for 6 weeks or such other longer or shorter period of time as we deem is appropriate in the circumstances. Participants in a Private Support Group (“Participants”) are free to share their thoughts, concerns or questions with a group of like-minded individuals, however are not obliged to share if they’d rather not. If Participants want to recommend or are seeking professional services to help them with situations related to their bereavement (e.g. counsellors or financial advisors), they can directly message a member of our team, and we can signpost to relevant information or to a relevant Expert. Any relationship formed with an Expert is then an entirely distinct relationship, on separate contractual and legal terms. We do not warrant the quality or results of any Expert’s services.

In addition to all other aspects of these Terms, each Participant in a Private Support Group agrees as follows:
– I am willingly agreeing to participate in the Private Support Group.
– As a community member, I agree to Untangle’s two key community principles: all grief is valid and everyone is equal. If I act in a way that is disrespectful or invalidating of another user, Untangle have the right to remove me from the platform.
– I am willing to provide feedback on my experience in the Private Support Groups, what I liked and what I didn’t, so that the future of the service can be shaped to help others through bereavement.
– I will treat all information shared in Private Support Groups as entirely confidential, except where I have the express written consent of a particular Participant.
– I will not use profane, suggestive, sexual, abusive or otherwise offensive language, innuendo or references of any kind in any format Private Support Groups.
– I understand that neither the facilitators nor other Participants of these Private Support Groups are therapists (trained, regulated or otherwise), and I agree that under no circumstances will the facilitators or Untangle be held responsible in any way for any actions that I make whether within the Private Support Group or outside of it.
– I understand that my actions are my own actions and Untangle isn’t responsible for them, but is there to facilitate me connecting with others.
– I acknowledge that whilst the Company will aim to facilitate communications in the Private Support Groups, that the Company will not be responsible for controlling my communications during it, or outside of it.
– Equally, I understand that Untangle is also not responsible for actions of other Participants on the Private Support Groups, and that the facilitators will not be able to mediate Participants’ contributions in the Private Support Groups in real time.
– I understand that participation in the Private Support Groups is not a replacement for medical advice or any other form of professional counselling, and if I feel I need personalised medical advice I will contact a doctor or other professional help service without delay.
– I understand that I am not owed a medical or other form of statutory duty of care by Untangle.
– I agree that it is at my discretion whether or not I seek professional help at any time and Untangle is not responsible for this. However, I agree to respond fairly and reasonably and with an open mind if any facilitator suggests that I seek professional help if for example they feel that my health or safety is at imminent risk. Equally, in such cases, I give my express consent to Untangle to take any action it feels appropriate.
– I will respect other Participants’ wishes and personal space whilst participating in Private Support Groups. I may agree to connect with them outside of it, and any relationships formed are then entirely separate from the Private Support Groups and Untangle.
– I will act respectfully and only share truthful information at all times.
– I agree to allow Untangle to record and hold my personal information, as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018, and in particular hold and record sensitive types of personal information on me which I disclose to them for the purposes of me participating in Private Support Groups. I understand that any request to the Company to stop holding or delete the personal information they hold on me will likely reduce or remove completely my ability to participate in the Private Support Groups.

All the above points are agreed without any restriction or reservation of any kind or nature whatsoever and I agree to be legally bound by these terms.

Untangle Commitment
We agree not to disclose any confidential information relating to you to any person, corporation or other entity except to our professional advisors or as required by law, or as permitted by clause 12 above. All such information shall be kept strictly confidential by us, unless we receive prior written approval from you to disclose any such information.


Other Applicable Terms
These Terms also include our Privacy Notice [] (the Privacy Notice). You should read the Privacy Notice as it sets out the terms on which we process (collect, use, share, etc.) any personal data we collect from you or that you provide to us and how we will communicate with you via the Platform.

Notification of Changes
Untangle reserves the right to change these Terms (along with our Platform and our offering generally) from time to time as a result of further development and improvement of the Services at our discretion. We will notify you of these changes when relevant.

We may without liability to you, suspend the operational status of our online service and/or Platform at any time, for instance (but not limited to) when we need to carry out maintenance work or due to required service improvement. Any changes to our Terms or to our Privacy Policy will be posted on our Website, notified on your private login area and/or emailed to you prior to these changes taking place.

Your continued use of the Platform will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these Terms. However, if there are major changes to these Terms, we will notify you by email and you will be asked to read the Terms carefully again.

Identity and Eligibility
You must be at least 18 years old to access and use Untangle in any way, including using our Platform and taking part in any of our offline service activities.

You agree that you must not and will not:
– misrepresent your identity, affiliation with, or connection to, any other person;
– disclose any information relating to any person without their express prior consent;

Our Obligations
Untangle will:
– use reasonable care and skill in providing the Services and complying with these Terms;
– treat all Users equally and fairly, and require Users to do the same;
– when requested, aim to match you with a free and private Private Support Group, which we think suit you best according to your story and stated needs, and mediate the group chat on our Platform;
– aim to find/signpost you to Experts, when asked to do so in a 1 to 1 message, which we think suit you best according to your story and stated needs;
– aim to make our community forums accessible and available for all Users.

Users Obligation under the Community Guidelines
You agree to respect the Community Guidelines as follows:

You agree to provide and represent real and true information, including but not limited to, your identity and story, on our Platform, without any misrepresentation.

You agree to treat all Users equally and fairly, which means that you will not discredit, undermine or criticise any User’s story, needs or requests or engage in any kind of discrimination of any form whatsoever against any other User.

You agree not to act in a way that is disrespectful or invalidating of any other User.

You must not discriminate against another user based on age, disability, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, race, gender identity and sexual orientation.

You must not use profane language.

You accept that our team works Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and can only be expected to respond within those times. You accept that there may be delayed responses outside of those hours, and sometimes during them depending on our available resources.

You agree to accept that if you break the Community Guidelines, you can be subject to any action at our sole discretion, including being put on a three strike warning system resulting in immediate exclusion from the Platform, or immediate expulsion from that Platform. Our actions will depend on the severity of your offence that will be assessed at our discretion according to the Community Guidelines.

(together the “Community Guidelines”)

In Platform Purchases
We may introduce in-Platform purchases. If we do so, all instructions for completing the purchase will be shown clearly in the Platform. All purchases will require you to actively opt-in. Where you make a purchase on a subscription basis, the subscription will be taken from your selected payment method according to the subscription period which you selected when making the initial payment.

Platform and User Content Licence Restrictions
Except as expressly allowed in these Terms, you may not:
– copy the Platform, any aspect of our Services or User Content (as defined below);
– transfer the Platform, outputs of our Services or User Content to anyone else, except where we make possible and encourage sharing;
– sub-license or otherwise make the Platform, outputs of our Services or User Content available in whole or in part (and whether in object or source code form) to any person;
– make any alterations to, or modifications of, the Platform or User Content; or
-disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the Platform or User Content or attempt to do so.
(together the Platform and User Content Licence Restrictions).

Acceptable Use Restrictions
You may use the Platform and/or our Services only for lawful purposes and those outlined in these Terms. In particular, but without limitation, you agree not to:
– use the Platform and/or Services in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent, or has any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect;
– use, share, or otherwise exploit the Platform and/or Services for any commercial, business, or monetised purpose whatsoever other than those purposes outlined in these Terms;
– reproduce, duplicate, copy, share, or re-sell any part of the Platform and/or Services in contravention of these Terms;
– use the Platform in a way that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or compromise our systems or security or interfere with other Users;
– use the Platform in a way which we deem to be inappropriate or abusive or which could cause offence or distress in any way to any User, Untangle staff-member or other person associated with our Service;
– upload any inappropriate content on the Platform;
– transmit any data, send or upload any material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of the Platform; or
– access without authority, interfere with, damage or disrupt (a) any part of the Platform; (b) any equipment or network on which the Platform or any part of it is stored; (c) any software used in the provision of the Platform; or (d) any equipment, network or software owned or used by any third party,
(together the Acceptable Use Restrictions).

Termination of your Rights
We may end or suspend your rights under these Terms immediately and without notice if:
– you have breached any of the Platform and User Content Licence Restrictions, or Acceptable Use Restrictions.
– we believe that your use of the Platform and/or our Services on an independent occasion or on a continued basis is unsuitable or inappropriate in any way at our sole discretion;
– if you have breached any of the Community Guidelines; or
– you are otherwise in breach of these Terms.

If we end your rights under these Terms:
– you must immediately stop all activities authorised by these Terms, including your access to and use of any or all of the Platform;
– if we ask you to you must immediately delete or remove the Platform from all devices then in your possession, custody or control and, if required by us, confirm to us that you have done so by signing a written declaration; and
– you will not be entitled to any forms of refund as a result of your breach or unsuitable use.

Untangle Mark
The “Untangle” brand name and our logo are trademarks of Untangle Ltd. All Untangle trade marks, service marks, trade names, logos, domain names, and any other features of the Untangle brand (Untangle Brand Features) are the sole property of Untangle or our licensors. These Terms do not grant you any rights to use any Untangle Brand Features whether for commercial or non-commercial use without our express written consent, except as explicitly outlined in these Terms.

In signing up to our Platform and/or Services, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-saleable licence to display our logo and name on your personal, non-commercial websites (e.g. social media profiles). We reserve the right to revoke such license at any time.

You must not and do not have our consent to use Untangle Brand Features for any purposes not strictly connected to the Service provided by Untangle. The Untangle Brand Features must be used in compliance with these Terms as their mis-usage can result in the immediate removal of your profile from the Platform and in a forced withdrawal from every activity you may be engaging in with Untangle, our Platform and Services. Further, you agree that we may make a claim for financial damages, in addition to a claim for injunctive or any other equitable relief to prevent the breach of our intellectual property rights under these Terms.

Nothing in these Terms constitutes a warranty that the Untangle Brand Features are valid, or that the exercise of any licence referred to in these Terms will not infringe the rights of any person.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
We provide the Platform for the purposes outlined in these Terms. You agree not to use any of them for any purpose not expressed or implied by these Terms.

We do not provide a care, counselling or monitoring service in relation to at-risk or high-risk individuals, and as such will never be deemed responsible or negligent in respect of any action taken by a User in respect of themselves or any other person on or off the Platform. Each User accepts responsibility for their own actions, or inactions. It is your responsibility to manage your own personal risk and we do not and cannot accept responsibility for this under any circumstances. If you believe that you are personally at risk then you must seek appropriate medical advice. Our team are able to signpost you to appropriate services if requested. You should not hesitate to make such a request if you feel it is necessary for you.

As such, Untangle is not responsible for any adverse consequence you may suffer from using our Platform and/or Service. This includes but is not limited to: (i) any action taken by a User in a Private Support Group (in such cases, we ask Users to report any offensive actions to enable us to take appropriate disciplinary action); (ii) any action taken by a User outside of our Platform; or (iii) any action or inaction of Untangle in relation to your use of the Platform or requests to us. You accept and agree that we will not be liable for any harmful effect of any interaction you have on our Platform, or from accessing the Platform generally. You agree you are solely and personally responsible for your health risk assessment and fully responsible for the consequences of your use, or non-use, of any information provided on or through this Platform. You agree to seek appropriate medical advice if you believe you are in high risk.

Untangle will not be responsible for any loss caused or damage caused by a virus, distributed denial-of-service attack, or other technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programmes, data and other property material.

We do not exclude any liability that we are not permitted to exclude in law, including the unlikely event we have been fraudulent or of personal injury of our Users caused by our negligence.

Other Legal Terms
We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms. You may not assign or transfer any rights you may have under these Terms without our prior written approval, given at our absolute discretion.

None of the rights or obligations under these Terms are enforceable under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by a person who is not a party to these Terms.

If we do not enforce our rights against you, or if we delay in doing so, that does not mean that we have waived our rights against you, and it does not mean that you are relieved of your obligations under these Terms. If we do waive a breach by you, we will only do so in writing, and that will not mean that we will automatically waive any later breach by you.

No agency, partnership, joint venture, employer-employee or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by these Terms between you and Untangle.

Each of the terms and conditions of these Terms operates separately. If any court or competent authority decides that any of them are unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect. Subject to any applicable law and consumer rights, these Terms are the full agreement between us and our Users.

If you wish to contact us for any reason, you can do so via [email protected]

No Reliance on Information
All information published on or via the Platform is provided in good faith and for general information purpose only. We make no warranties about the completeness, reliability, or accuracy of such information. Any action you take based on such information is taken at your own risk.

Account Deletion
If you wish to terminate your registration with us, you can do so at any time by deleting your account, and contacting us to [email protected] Once your account is cancelled, we will send you a notification to confirm that the cancellation has occurred successfully.

Websites We Link To
The Platform may link to other third party websites from which third party services can be obtained (including those of Experts). Whilst we reasonably believe that these are reputable sources of such services, you acknowledge that these other websites are independent from us and we make no representations or warranties as to the legitimacy, accuracy or quality of such third party services, and we do not accept any responsibility for their content, safety, practices or privacy policies. Essentially, we will do our best to ensure they are safe but you access any third party websites and/or services at your own risk. This applies in respect of all websites owned or operated by Experts.

Intellectual Property Rights and User Content
This section sets out who owns what in terms of the Platform. It also sets out how we will treat any content that you provide to us (the User Content) and what your obligations are in relation to that User Content.

You agree that:
– the Platform and all material published on, in, or via it (including but not limited to the User Content) is owned and controlled by or licensed to us;
– in respect of the User Content that you create, upload, send or post to us that:
– you retain the ownership rights in the User Content;
– except in respect of information provided in Private Support Groups which we will treat as confidential and will ask other Users to do the same, you grant us a perpetual, royalty free, non-exclusive licence (including the right to grant sub-licences) to use, copy, distribute, reproduce and publish any and all User Content (including, without limitation, on our Platform, on other websites, on physical products and in promotional and/or marketing material developed in each case whether developed by us or on our behalf);
– we may disclose your personal identity to any third party who claims that the User Content posted or uploaded by you defames them, constitutes a breach of their intellectual property rights or breaches their right to privacy; and
– you make your User Content available to us in the manner envisaged by these Terms without payment or other compensation to you, regardless of how we use the User Content.

Please note that whilst we will ask Users to keep information shared in Private Support Groups fully confidential, we cannot guarantee or control the actions or disclosures of our Users. However, all Users agree that disclosures of confidential information may result in immediate expulsion from the Platform.

You represent and warrant on an ongoing basis that you:
– are the owner or authorised licensee of all User Content;
– have all necessary rights (including, but not limited to, all intellectual property rights) and consents required to publish the User Content and to grant us the rights in the User Content as set out in these Terms;
– will not send us or post User Content that violates applicable law, regulations, these Terms or any other relevant Untangle policy; and
– have all required permissions and consents from any third party whose personal information is included in any User Content.

​All content on the Platform and any Untangle promotional materials that are provided to you are owned or licenced by Untangle or its content suppliers. No material displayed on our Platform can be used without our express written consent.

The Untangle Brand Features and all related products, designs and marks are property of Untangle Ltd and must absolutely not be used without prior written consent, unless under license in compliance with these Terms.

Interaction and Reporting
Our Platform enables Users to interact directly with each other, for example once a connection has been made between a User and a Private Support Group. From time to time we may additionally make available further interactive services. All Users acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for their own interactions on the Platform (as well as off it). Untangle does not directly control or fully moderate User interactions or uploads in real time at the time of upload, and Users should use the reporting mechanism below to ensure that any harmful content is identified and addressed as efficiently as possible. Users acknowledge that Untangle is at all times entitled and permitted to monitor and view all Users’ interactions within the Platform, including in direct communications between two or more Users.

Please note that Untangle is built and relied upon the trust and good faith of our Users. Users must treat each other respectfully and any failures to do so may result in expulsion and/or legal action. Any attempts to circumvent, harm or reduce Untangle’s rights under these Terms may result in (amongst other remedies available to Untangle), Untangle removing the offending party from the Platform and taking legal actions against them as it sees fit.

Reporting mechanism: If you see any User content which appears on our Platform which you find offensive, discriminating, abusive or in any way inappropriate then please notify us as soon as possible. You can report any offensive, discriminating, abusive or inappropriate User content or communication between Users to us via the Platform or to [email protected] and request that any such content is removed or that the User communication is investigated. One of our team will then review your report and take any action we deem appropriate.

Notices and Entire Agreement
Any notice required under these Terms should be made in writing and sent by post to the parties’ registered offices or by email to [email protected] (in the case of Untangle) and the email address provided by the users upon registration.

These Terms represent the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any other oral and written informal agreement.

Governing Law
These Terms are governed by English law and any disputes arising in connection with them will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Court.

By applying to and/or accessing our Service, you agree that the courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the subject matter or formation. Please note that any arrangement put in place between Businesses and Non-Profit Partners are private arrangements and are not concluded under these Terms. These Terms are between you and Untangle.