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About Us

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We’re Emma and Emily, and we’d love to share our story of how our experiences of loss led us to create Untangle

Around five years ago, Emma’s dad Owen was diagnosed with stage four cancer and died 18 months later. He was a software engineer and taught her how to code from a young age, inspiring her to study Computer Science at university.
His funeral took place the day before Emma’s graduation ceremony meaning that she had to rush from one to the other. Attending her graduation without her dad by her side was one of the toughest parts of Emma’s experience.

In the months that followed, Emma supported her family with all the admin that came with loss. She was by her mum’s side when she had to plan the funeral, remove her dad’s name on bills, and deal with stacks of paperwork. She could see how this experience was both physically and mentally exhausting for her family, with very few options for support.

Emma decided to use her skills as a software engineer to create something to help other families avoid these feelings of isolation and overwhelm.

At the same time, Emily suffered her own loss, as her grandpa died just as her parents went through a divorce.

As she found ways to cope, Emily noticed a lack of available support to help her family deal with these challenging life events. She found herself wanting to be strong for other people, and it took time to focus on her own grief. Over time, Emily noticed other losses, too, including the loss of friendships and finances.

When Emma and Emily met, they connected over their shared grief. They were saddened to realise that people are often left to manage alone at the most challenging and stressful times in life.

So together, they set out on a mission to make sure no one goes through a loss alone. They knew that the right support could help people navigate loss and rebuild their life. The result was Untangle.

Our values

Equality: We all have different backgrounds and experiences. Our voices are equally valid and important.

Openness: We are non-judgmental, kind and clear.

Learning: We know that wisdom comes from keeping an open mind.

Respect: We respect people’s boundaries and protect our community’s privacy, above all else. We ensure that our profit enables our purpose.

Caring: We have compassion for our community and work hard to make sure everyone feels supported.

It’s really important to us that we’re building a service that feels safe and supportive for everyone. We’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to email us to tell us what you think we’re doing well or how we could improve our service, click here.